February 7, 2009


I've got a million things going on lately.

I'm checking out poems in the submission queue whenever I have a few moments.  No promises as to when the queue will be cleared, but I'm picking them off one at a time.

New CD:  You can't get this on Amazon (yet, I hope).  The Dreaming, featuring Christopher Hall from Stabbing Westward, have been selling a special disc at shows, and are now selling it on their MySpace page.  It contains some "b-sides," covers, and remixes.  Last year's "Etched in Blood" doesn't go more than week without finding itself back in my CD player, and I'm delighted to have this "pre-op" disc to mix into my playlist.  It includes a cover of The Cure's "Lets Go to Bed" that simply must be heard.  It also has their version of "Send Me an Angel," which if you bought "Etched in Blood" off of Amazon MP3 or iTunes, you might've missed.  (It was a hidden track on the CD.)

PODCASTS:  We have enough poetry for the next five episodes, but we need music for those episodes!  If you're interested in getting a song or two featured in upcoming episodes, please send me a message.


See the flier for March's show below!

April 25 at Visible Voice Books in Cleveland will feature poet Lisa Vicious from Detroit!!!
May 23 at Phoenix Coffee in South Euclid will feature C. Allen Rearick!!!

As soon as the second features for these shows are confirmed, I'll have fliers ready.

March 21 at Insights Coffee & More in Brunswick, OH features singer/songwriter Ramona Stone and poet Jason Floyd Williams!!!

Don't forget, this Saturday, Valentine's Day, we are at the Phoenix in South Euclid, featuring Jeff Kosiba and Carmen Tracey!

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