August 19, 2008

Open-Mic Ratings

Some conversations last week about censorship and free expression got my brain spinning...  I have decided to implement a ratings system for the Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven open-mics.  Here's how the ratings break down:

Family Friendly  These events are open to ALL AGES and the material featured is MODERATED by Poet's Haven staff.  No explicit language is allowed and content must fall within "PG-13" restrictions.

Warning: Contains Language  These events are open to ALL AGES, but the material featured is UNMODERATED and may contain adult language and content.  Poets are asked to avoid anything explicitly "XXX" pornographic, but "R" rated content is perfectly welcome.  Parental advisory.

Adults Only  These events are held in locations with an age restriction, such as a bar.  These events are UNMODERATED and may contain adult language and content.  Poets are asked to avoid anything explicitly "XXX" pornographic, but "R" rated content is perfectly welcome.

August 11, 2008

Vertigo / Poet's Haven on Facebook and MySpace

Anyone out there who uses Facebook, you can find me at:

MySpace users, you can find me here:

MySpace users, you can find the MySpace mirror for the podcast here:

I'm still just getting started using Facebook, so I haven't done much networking there yet.  Compared to MySpace, I've found much of Facebook to be overly complicated and over-thought.  MySpace offers more control over how your profile and information is presented.  However, the way Facebook's events are set up and the way invites work is drastically better than MySpace's similar offerings.  (Plus, everything else aside, MySpace's parent company is still evil incarnate.)

Vertigo's Poetry Overload...

Since I was unable to make it to the Deep Cleveland open-mic Friday night, and since I need to spend a weekday in Kent, here's what I've planned for this week:

Thursday, I'll be heading to Brunswick for the Brunswick Art Works Open Mic at Insights Coffee at 7:00.  The featured poet will be Natalie Palmieri.

After that, I'll be dashing up to the Tremont district of Cleveland, for the Literary Café's monthly poetry extravaganza at 9:30.  The featured poets will be David Hassler & Michelle Krivanek.

Even with gas back down around $3.60 a gallon, it's still cheaper to get a hotel room than to drive back to Massillon and then back up north the next morning.  I'll probably crash for the night somewhere in Fairlawn or Stow.

On Friday, I'll be zipping around Kent distributing fliers for the September 6 open-mic at Scribbles Café.  I'll also be stopping at a café in Akron that I won't name at this time, in hopes of getting a meeting with the manager to schedule a Poet's Haven open-mic there in October or November.  I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing Friday night, but I do know of a few bands playing shows that I would like to see.

Saturday morning I'll be sleeping in.  LOL  I'll probably still be wiped out from Thursday, starting at my day-job at 7:00 AM and ending at the Lit well after 1:00 AM.

Saturday night, I'll be heading to Lake Anna After Dark in Barberton for Nadelaine's Poetry Nite.  I'm telling everyone, you need to check this place out.  It is phenomenal.

Then by Sunday, I should be at a poetry overload.  I'll probably spend the day watching Law & Order and CSI reruns.

Then Monday, its back to the day-job and time to start the countdown to Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven at the Phoenix Coffee Co. in South Euclid on Saturday, August 23!