June 21, 2012

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Poet's Haven Digest anthologies

The Poet's Haven has issued four OPEN CALLS for submissions to upcoming Poet's Haven Digest anthologies. Please review the themes and instructions below and consider submitting work to one or more of these books.

Poet's Haven Digest anthologies are not published on any set schedule. When enough material has been accepted to complete one of the anthologies, that submission call will be closed and the book will be published when Vertigo has time to get the work done. The hope is that at least one, preferably two of these books can be ready for publication by October 2012, which marks The Poet's Haven's 15th anniversary.

If you notice a trend in the themes towards the fantastic, it is because these are themes that the publisher enjoys reading.

Publication in this series pays one copy. Authors with work in an anthology can also purchase up to ten additional copies at a 50% discount.

"We Only Come Out at Night"
The Poet's Haven is seeking poetry about vampires and werewolves for an upcoming Poet's Haven Digest publication titled "We Only Come Out at Night." We are NOT looking for sparkly teen angst melodrama "vampires." Vampires and were-creatures should be bad-ass. We don't want Louis, we want Lestat. NOTE: Writings set in White Wolf's "Vampire: The Masquerade" role-play game universe MAY be acceptable, so long as they do not reference anything that would fall under the game publisher's copyrights and trademarks. "Dracula" is in public domain, so work utilizing characters from Bram Stoker's novel are acceptable.
Submissions should be sent to: PHDvamps[AT]PoetsHaven.com

"On Velvet Feet"
The Poet's Haven is seeking poetry about cats for an upcoming Poet's Haven Digest publication titled "On Velvet Feet." Poems written from a cat's perspective or viewpoint are highly encouraged.
Submissions should be sent to: PHDcats[AT]PoetsHaven.com

Title TBD
The Poet's Haven is seeking poetry dealing with extraterrestrials for an upcoming Poet's Haven Digest publication. We are not looking for alien-conspiracy, "X-Files" type aliens, but rather work more akin to "Alien Nation," where extraterrestrials are already among us, and how our world and culture looks to their alien perspectives.
Submissions should be sent to: PHDaliens[AT]PoetsHaven.com

Title TBD
The Poet's Haven is seeking poetry dealing with villains and super-villains for an upcoming Poet's Haven Digest publication. An item to remember is that the villains usually believe themselves to be the heroes. Suggested inspiration; "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," "Pinky and the Brain," and "A Clockwork Orange."
Submissions should be sent to: PHDvillains[AT]PoetsHaven.com

To see when new calls are posted or when these calls get closed, bookmark:

June 9, 2012

Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven: June 16

June 16th's Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven event at Phoenix Coffee in South Euclid will feature Julia Jones and a team performance by Robert Miltner and Bob Kunzinger!

JULIA JONES-CLOUDEN is in the middle and best part of her love affair with poetry. To her relief, when her husband found out he was okay with it. A mother of two girls, she find it hard to see her lover but always finds time. She will be going to Brave New Voices this July as part of Cleveland's SlamU youth poetry slam team.

ROBERT MILTNER is the author of "Hotel Utopia," winner of the New Rivers Press book award, and a finalist for the Ohioana award in poetry. His work has been published in "Diagram," "Sentence," "Pleiades," "LIT," "New York Quarterly," and "Bellingham Review." He co-edits "Quickly," "Buried Letter Press," and "The Raymond Carver Review."

BOB KUNZINGER has written five collections of creative nonfiction, including the forthcoming "Borderline Crazy." He has been published in many regional and national journals including "Southern Humanities Review," "The Chronicle of Higher Education," and has been noted by "Best American Essays." He edits All Nations Press in Virginia.

After the features, there is an open-mic. Poets and musicians wishing to perform at the open-mic can sign-up at 6:30. The features will begin at 7:00. ALL TIMES LISTED ARE REAL-TIME, NOT "POETRY STANDARD TIME." In other words, GET HERE BEFORE 7:00!!!

This is an ALL-AGES/UNMODERATED event, meaning kids are welcome to attend and participate, but parents should be aware that there are no restrictions on language. Some performances may include coarse language.

Phoenix Coffee is located at 4441 Mayfield Road, South Euclid, OH 44121. There is a parking lot in front of the cafe, but if it is full there is additional parking available one block to either side, in front of Giant Eagle or behind Marcs. For RTA riders, the #9 bus stops directly in front of the cafe.


Someone saw my last post (about the super-special offer on chapbooks) and asked me how a dental expense could be poetry-related.  So, and explanation...

The day before March's First Friday Poetry Spectacular, I learned that the show had been moved to the Ed Center instead of Cable Hall.  This led to me clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth while figuring out how to get the word out about the different location and what changes in setup and equipment I would need for the new location.  Clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth caused one of my molars to break in half, and led to the need for a root canal and a dental crown (which my insurance barely covered half of.)  See?  Poetry-related dental expense.