March 29, 2013

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Poet's Haven Author Series (chapbooks)

The Poet's Haven will be open to unsolicited chapbook manuscripts through the month of April, to be considered for publication in The Poet's Haven Author Series.

Manuscripts should be sent via e-mail as a file attachment. Attachments should be either plain text (TXT), rich text (RTF), or Microsoft Word (DOC / DOCX) files.

Manuscripts should be between 28 and 36 pages in length NOT COUNTING title, copyright, dedication, or table of contents pages. Manuscripts containing full-color artwork may be shorter, 20 to 24 pages. One page can fit approximately 30 lines of poetry or 325 words of prose. If you have original artwork to be used as the cover, that can also be attached as either a JPG or PNG file. Please include your author bio either in the manuscript or in the body of the e-mail.

The Poet's Haven publishes more than just poetry! We are very interested in seeing fiction and art manuscripts!

Authors receive 25% of all copies printed. The first print run is 80 copies, with additional print runs completed as needed for 12 months. Authors can purchase as many additional copies as they wish for 50% of the cover price. (The cover price is normally $6.00.)

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us if your manuscript is accepted by another press. Due to volume and real-world occurrences, it may take until December 31, 2013 for decisions to be reached regarding all submitted manuscripts.

Submissions should be sent to:

March 21, 2013

Columbus State Writers Conference

The Poet's Haven will be participating in the book fair at the Columbus State Writers Conference this Saturday.  Wick Poetry Center director David Hassler will be the keynote speaker.  If going to AWP was out of your budget range or you were able to go but find yourself thirsting for more workshop experiences, this is the place for you to be.

March 12, 2013

The Poet's Haven Digest: On Velvet Feet

THIRTEEN YEARS in the making, The Poet's Haven Digest #1 is now is available!

"On Velvet Feet" features poetry and stories by Kristina England, Joshua Gage, Janet Garber, Alex Gildzen, Clarissa Jakobsons, Paul Kahle, Thomas Koron, Lori Ann Kusterbeck, Geoffrey A. Landis, Marc Mannheimer, Michael Gillan Maxwell, Rachel M. Newlon, Angela Nichols, Jen Pezzo, Tina Puckett, Lady Kathy Smith, Kevin Frederick Smith, Steven B. Smith, J.E. Stanley, Hannah Stevenson, Melissa Studdard, Mary A. Turzillo, and Vertigo Xi'an Xavier.


Click here to order!

March 7, 2013

Poetry tunes...

While I am working on a new season of "The Poet's Haven presents..." podcasts, here's something you might enjoy in the meanwhile. Neon Signs is the collaboration of music by Miearth and the poetry of Walter Beck. Beck's had two most excellent chapbooks released by our friends at Writing Knights press (and rumor is there might be a third on the way). Did I mention this album is currently a free download? Get it!