November 30, 2011

NO Poetry Spectacular at December's First Friday

Due to lack of an available, suitable location, there will be NO Poetry Spectacular at December's Canton First Friday.

News will be posted when we have confirmed a location for January's poetry slam.

November 23, 2011

Poet's Haven Events

FYI: Some changes are being made to the event pages at Some things are going on, some locations are being updated, and some new events will be added to The Poet's Haven's lineup. ;-) (Before anyone starts up rumors or makes ASSumptions, no *I* won't be emceeing any additional events. Poet's Haven will be helping with promotion and planning, but I do not have time to be the lead on any new poetry series.) Please be patient while the pages are updated.

Meanwhile, here's what's coming up:

Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven
Phoenix Coffee
(4441 Mayfield Road - South Euclid, OH 44121)
December 17, 2011: 7:00 PM
featured poets TBA
includes open-mic
NOTE: This will be the FINAL show in which the open-mic is recorded for the "Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven" podcast. (Only the features will be podcast from future events.)

November 14, 2011


Here's the cover for "VENDING MACHINE: Poetry for Change" volume 2! Artwork by Craig Firsdon!

November 10, 2011

Open-Mic and Podcast Decisions...

It's no secret that I am MASSIVELY behind on getting podcast episodes done. No excuses, I just haven't had enough time to keep up with everything, and work on the podcasts has been the thing that has fallen by the wayside. However, with over a two-year backlog of recorded shows, I've been thinking about the future of the podcast series. I've reached some decisions:

The Vending Machine event on November 19th and the Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven event on December 17th will be the FINAL shows where the open-mic is recorded for podcasting.

We will continue to record the feature performances at the Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven shows and any of our other events that use the same format (IE: Vending Machine).

The "Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven" podcast series will end when the open-mic recording backlog is finished.

The remaining "Saturday Night With..." podcasts will not include feature performances, they will consist entirely of open-mic performances.

A new podcast series will be introduced, the exact title of which is yet to be determined. (I'm thinking of simply calling it "Poet's Haven Live," though that may imply they are live broadcasts rather than edited and cleaned up recordings.) This new series will consist of feature performances from the live Poet's Haven events. Episodes with featured musicians will include a complete set rather than just one song per episode. The new series will be released at a higher bitrate than the current series, resulting in better sound quality. (We're talking 128 or 156 kbps as opposed to the current 80. It won't be CD quality, but it'll sound a lot better playing through the headphones you use with your iPod.)

While time will still be an issue in getting new episodes done, these changes will at least slow down the rate at which the backlog is growing.

Thanks for your continued support, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Vending Machine event on the 19th!

November 8, 2011

Authors Appearing in VENDING MACHINE 2!

The following authors will be appearing in VENDING MACHINE: Poetry for Change volume 2: Autumn Aki, Lynne Albert, Dianne Borsenik, Steve Brightman, John Burroughs, Shelley Chernin, Catherine Criswell, Weldon Davis, Craig Firsdon (cover artist), T.M. Göttl, Shelly Gracon-Nagy, Marlana-Patrice Pugh Hamer, Amy Hikel, Timothy House, K-- (Kristie LeVangie), Jackie Koch, Lori Ann Kusterbeck, Chris Lawrence, Marc Mannheimer, Jen Pezzo, Dan Provost, Tina Puckett, Andrew Rihn, Alexis-Rueal, Heather Ann Schmidt, Larry Smith, Teleri, Eva X, and Katherine Zaleski!