February 14, 2009

Another Smashing Success!!!

Tonight's Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven event was another smashing success!

I am considering starting future shows an hour earlier, at 7 PM instead of 8 PM, to give us more time for poetry.  Any feedback?

Again, THANK YOU to tonight's featured poets, Jeff Kosiba and Carmen Tracey!  THANK YOU to Neal, Mark, Josh, and Rich from Dear Holden for playing a great set.  These guys came all the way up from Dover/New Philly!  THANK YOU to new voices (at least at a Poet's Haven show) Marlana-Patrice, Robert O'Lexa, Michele McBride, Jeremy R. Himmelright, Suzanne Savickas, and Peter Hessman (who runs an open-mic at Arabica in Canton on the first Tuesday of every month)!  THANK YOU to returning poets Jen Pezzo, 'Bert Paliwoda, Dianne Borsenik, and Christopher Franke!  THANK YOU to the many faces I recognized in the crowd who did not read tonight, including Wendy Schaffer, Steve Goldberg, Rob Rosin, and Jacob and Carla (who run the open-mic and Slam at April 2nd Gallery in Canton on the first Friday every month).  THANK YOU to the Phoenix for hosting us.  And THANK YOU to Joe Sabatino (whom will be my brother-in-law come October) for filling in on MC duties.

Our next show will be an ALL-AGES/MODERATED event at Insights Coffee & More in Brunswick, Ohio on March 21st featuring singer/songwriter Ramona Stone and poet Jason Floyd Williams!  Don't miss it!


Vertigo Xavier
publisher, The Poet's Haven

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