February 21, 2009

podcast updates...

I'll be working on some new podcast episodes very soon.  My mouth injury is mostly healed, and should be fully healed by Monday or Tuesday.  I'll probably release a "double feature" or two, two episodes back to back, to get caught up.  The next episode will conclude Dianne Borsenik's feature reading from December 6th at the Phoenix, then we will begin hearing readings from January's Angel Falls show and last weekend's Phoenix Coffee show.

WE NEED MUSIC!  I'll come right out and say it.  The big delay in getting new podcast episodes out the past two months has been that the music submissions stopped coming in.  Spread the word!  This podcast has over 700 subscribers, and that number goes up with each new episode.  This podcast's audience is varied and diverse.  Your music won't be heard by just one type of music fan.  If you're interested in getting you or your band's music featured in upcoming episodes, send me an e-mail!

Don't forget our next gig, March 21 at Insights Coffee & More in Brunswick featuring poetry by Jason Floyd Williams and music by Ramona Stone!  This will be an ALL-AGES/MODERATED show, meaning language must be kept PG-13 but you can bring your kids / sibs / evil minions / etc.  Remember, The Poet's Haven is open to writers of ALL ages (though any writer under 13 years of age will require a parent or guardian's signature on the podcast recording release form).

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