February 12, 2012

dollar dollar bill y'all...

The real world's been biting me in the ass for a while now. As much as I prefer to focus entirely on promoting the arts, right now I've gotta focus on the bottom line, my bank balance. I've been good about breaking even on the poetry side of things (sell X number of books to cover the entire print-run, etc.), but have neglected to include personal expenses in what needs covered. I've never worried about car repairs, gasoline and travel costs, hotels when staying out of town for poetry events, etc. etc. etc. Now, those costs have piled up to the point that they're preventing me from doing things I want to do. So my focus for now has to be on SELLING more books and SELLING some advertising. Time to finally get a full-fledged online store up and running. Time to start operating like a BUSINESS rather than a starving artist.

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