June 30, 2011

New Chapbooks

More that I keep forgetting to post here on the blog: The Poet's Haven released two new chapbooks this month!

Andrew Tobias Line's "Street Corner Poetry" launched on June 10th at his Deep Cleveland feature!

Jeff Kosiba's "Seasons of Discontent: Spring & Summer" was released at the June 18th Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven event in Cleveland!

Andrew's book was rushed to print as he is part of Cleveland's Dragon Inc. slam team and will be doing some heavy promotion and fund-raising leading up to the team's trip to National Poetry Slam.  We now resume our normal bimonthly release schedule.  :-)

These books can be purchased at several independent bookstores around north-east Ohio (and if you are interested in carrying Poet's Haven chapbooks at your retail establishment, dealer inquiries are welcome), purchased at any live Poet's Haven event, or ordered online.

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