January 23, 2011

Random Musings...

I did some laundry when I got home tonight, and a thought struck me.  Why do I still match my socks into pairs when I don't wear them that way?

(For anyone who doesn't know, I have had some trouble with my left leg, and now wear a compression stocking.  While I do occasionally wear compression stockings on both legs, I usually wear a normal sock on my right foot.)

Is this just a course of habit that I've yet to break away from?  A built-in reflex that will never change?

Someone I know who is a landscaper once told me about a job he took.  He did some planting and whatnot and installed those little lights along the sidewalk.  The thing was, the man who lived in the house was blind.  He could not figure out why the blind man would want lights along his sidewalk.  My first thought was that perhaps the client wasn't totally blind and could follow the lights to get to his door in the dark.  My second thought was that he wanted them there for guests, friends and relatives who would stop over regularly.  But tonight, another possibility crossed my mind.  Perhaps it was some sort of reflex action, wanting lights.  How long does it take someone who has lost their sight to stop reaching for the light switch?

On a lighter note, tonight I heard what has got to be the best bad pick-up line ever.  I've been listening to more country music of late, and had one of the bands named "Iron Horse" playing in my car.  (There are three bands named "Iron Horse" that I know of.  One is a Scottish Celtic band, one is a bluegrass band from Alabama that is best known for doing Metallica and Ozzy cover albums, and the last, the one I was listening to tonight, is a country/metal band from Columbus.)  The song "Bring It On" has the line "Baby if you wanna ride / I'll be your motorcycle."  LOL

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