January 3, 2011

(At Long Last!) New Podcasts!!!

Hey, hey, hey!  Check that link out over on the right side of the blog!  There's a new podcast up for your listening pleasure!

A total of five new episodes have been completed.  Due to problems with the current server, I cannot post all five episodes at once. (Five episodes times 800+ people downloading them in a matter of two or three days would be more than it could handle.)  To avoid crashing the server, I'll be posting two episodes a week, one on Saturday and one on Wednesday, until I run out.  I'm hoping to complete a few more relatively soon, but I'm trying to balance getting podcast work done with working on the updated scripts for the galleries so that I can get the site moved to a new server.  Once the site is on the new server, bandwidth will be less of an issue.  I am considering changing the show to hour-long episodes once the server move is complete.

Episode 36, now online, features poetry by Timothy House, Vladimir Swirynsky, Christina Brooks, and Samantha Bako with music by Ramona Stone.

Episode 37, coming Wednesday, features poetry by Kisha Nicole Foster and John Burroughs with music by Meganne Stepka.

Episode 38 features poetry by Timothy House, Azalea Tidwell, Debbie Goings, Marc Manheimer, and Dianne Borsenik with music by Meganne Stepka.

Episode 39 features poetry by Dave Nichols, Teleri, Jen Pezzo, and Timothy House with music by Meganne Stepka.

Episode 40 features poetry by Dave Nichols and Christopher Franke with music by Meganne Stepka.

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