May 9, 2010

Canton's First Friday Poetry Spectacular - May 7, 2010

Friday night's Canton First Friday show went well. A HUGE thanks to Todd and Brennis from the Second April Gallerie for not chasing us out when we ran WAY past the time the show is supposed to be wrapped up. Vince Robinson delivered an awesome set to start the night. (I'll have to get Vince booked for a Saturday Night show next year so we can get him in the podcast!)

Something new we'll be doing: Since I started emceeing this show, folks have been asking if there is some way we can get a little more exposure for the slam winners. So, starting this month, we'll have a camera rolling during the slam and video of the winners will be posted on YouTube.

This month, Kedric Wolfe placed third and first place resulted in a tie between Blu and February Luv. To try to break the tie, we had a POETRY DEATH MATCH. (Yes, that has to be all caps, it is a rule.) Unfortunately, the POETRY DEATH MATCH also resulted in a tie. Since we didn't have time to go another round, it was decided that first and second place would be left tied, and the prize money for both was split down the middle.

Did I mention that Arts in Stark provides the prize money? And that BR Square sponsored the featured poet?

Anyway, here's the video of the winners. Due to YouTube's 10 minute time limit, the POETRY DEATH MATCH was uploaded separately, and can be viewed directly below this video.

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