March 1, 2010


So, my internet connection has been sporadic of late.  As of right now, it works if we connect a computer directly to the modem, but the modem won't connect to any of our routers, so only one computer can be online at a time.  I seized control of the connection yesterday, and spent the last two days catching up on a week's worth of stuff.  Not fun.

I've also got some podcast work done.  If all goes according to plan, there'll be at least one new episode up for your listening pleasure this week.  May's show had some microphone problems, and tweaking the audio is taking a bit more time than normal, so no promises about a second episode.  I'm also going to try to get the audio from several more shows prepped for the podcast before I do more "block outs." (That's where I take all the pieces, written on little "blocks" of paper with the runtime logged on them, and plan what goes in to each episode.  Think how you've seen TV schedules planned out in movies.)  I know there's material recorded in August that I'd like to combine with material from June and material from July that might go well with material from May and... yeah, you get the idea.

This coming Friday, March 5th, come to Canton, Ohio for the First Friday Poetry Slam!  Downtown Canton has a big art festival every First Friday.  There's a poetry open-mic and slam competition, sponsored by Arts in Stark (and emceed by yours truly), at the Kathleen Howland Theatre, under the 2nd April Art Galerie.  You can sign-up to read or perform at 7:30 PM, with the open-mic starting at 8:00.  Also, come early!  The theater will be hosting a special reading of the poetry of Pablo Neruda at 6:30, organized by the Canton Symphony Opera.

Then don't forget about this month's Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven event!  March 20th, we'll be at Angel Falls in Akron.  The features are Laraine Seidl and T.M. Göttl with music by Zach!  This show is not to be missed!  (Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven is NEVER to be missed!)

Okay, now I find it is an hour later than I planned to have this finished.  Time to call it a night!

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