March 9, 2010

New Podcasts! April's Show Details!

After a few days of me chaotically bouncing around, trying to get too many things done at once, your patience is now rewarded. ;-)

Two new podcast episodes are available for your listening pleasure!  Episode 30 features poetry from Jason Floyd Williams, Dave Meyer, Amanda DiDonna, and Dianne Borsenik.  Episode 31 features poetry from Parker Amsel, Terry Provost, The Fidget, Steven B. Smith, and Jill Riga.  Both episodes feature music from Ramona Stone.  If you're reading this on my blog, you can download the episodes from the column on the right.  If you're reading this on Facebook, you can stream the episodes off my profile page.  You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes at (  Please, if you use iTunes, do subscribe!  The more subscribers we have, the higher ranked the podcast gets, and eventually they'll take notice and feature the podcast in the iTunes store.

Also, here's the flier for April's show.  I still have to get the event listing page updated on the site, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.  April's show will be at the Root CafĂ© in Lakewood, Ohio, and we will be featuring competitive slam poet Suspicious and Cleveland poetry legend Vladimir Swirynsky!

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