January 10, 2010


Three new podcast episodes have finally gone online!  Changes are underway in the format and presentation of the episodes that will help me produce the episodes faster while giving them a bigger-budget sound.  You'll hear some of the initial changes across these three episodes, with more changes in the weeks ahead.

Episode 27 features Jason Floyd Williams, Ramona Stone, Gina Tabasso, T.M. Göttl, and Timothy House!

Episode 28 features the poetry of Parker Amsel and Lisa Vicious, with the music of AURAL Heather!

Episode 29 features Lisa Vicious, Ramona Stone, Jake from (Me) vs Them, Christopher Franke, Jen Pezzo, and Anne McMillen!

Download episodes directly at:

Or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes at:

The Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven open-mic series will be happening on the third Saturday of every month through 2010.  Odd-numbered months (January, March, etc.), we will be at Angel Falls in Akron, Ohio.  Even-numbered months (February, April, etc.), we will be at various venues across Cleveland.

January 16th, we will be featuring poets Michelle Sinsky and February Luv at Angel Falls!

February 20th, we will feature poets Azalea Tidwell and Miles Budimir with hip-hop artist Blackwell at Blue Arrow Records in Cleveland!

Please note:  I will be closing the forums on this site in the not-too-distant future.  I will be moving this blog to a traditional blogging program (complete with RSS feeds, etc.).  Anyone who has work posted in the "work in progress" forum that you do not have saved elsewhere, you should get it copied to your own system ASAP.  Or, y'know, finish it and submit it to the poetry gallery.  (AHEM... Riske...)

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