November 10, 2009

Poet's Haven Event News

This Saturday, The Poet's Haven will be at Angel Falls in Akron, Ohio with featured poets Gina Tabasso and Terry Provost!  This ALL-AGES/UNMODERATED show starts at 7:00 PM (sign-up for the open-mic at 6:30).

December 12, The Poet's Haven will be at Phoenix Coffee on West 9th Street in Cleveland, Ohio with featured poets Wendy Shaffer and Eric Alleman!  This show is ALL-AGES/UNMODERATED and starts at 7:00 PM (sign-up for the open-mic at 6:30).

2010, The Poet's Haven will have a show on the third Saturday each month.

"Odd" months (January, March, May, etc.), we will be at Angel Falls in Akron, Ohio.  One of the features for January 16th will be Canton area poet February Luv!

"Even" months (February, April, etc.), the show will move around to different Cleveland area venues.

All the dates have been listed on the open-mic event schedule, so start marking your calendars!

Plans for the new Poet's Haven Digest magazine and e-book series have been put on hold.  Issue one was nearly complete (we just needed cover art), but ultimately the decision was reached to put off relaunching the second publication due to time restraints.  (Between the site, the open-mic events, and the podcast, I simply don't have time to take on another schedule-sensitive project.)  The Poet's Haven has another e-book and print publication project in the planning stages, but I'm not prepared to publicly announce details yet.  (Ask me in person and you might get an earful, though.  lol)  Poems that were being held for use in the magazine have now been published on

Speaking of the website, over 100 new pages of poetry and stories have been added to the galleries!  Every time I think I'm almost caught up, the submissions start rolling in!  :-D

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