September 13, 2013

Changes are in store...

Recent "upgrades" to PHP have resulted in the software that operates the online galleries no longer working.  Rather than continuing to rewrite the software, changing everything that got depreciated in the latest round of "updates," (the MyScrapbook program that has been the backbone to the site for many years now has not had any new updates from the original author since 2003), the decision has been made to move to a new CMS.  While this won't be another two-years-to-complete update like the site went through a decade ago (as I won't have to manually create every page like I did back then, I can just reformat and import the database) (the site has more than tripled in size since then, by the way), I am having some trouble finding a new CMS that will function the way I need it to that has a large community of programmers behind it.  Wordpress is a leading contender at the moment, though it lacks a submission method that does not require users to use the control panel.  (I have tried several plug-ins, none work the way I want.  Allowing public registrations but having all new users be added to a group that has posts moderated will work, but takes readers out of the site and into the admin control panel.)  I am currently exploring some other options.  My hope is that I can have this all completed by early October.  I do NOT want this to still be up in the air when Halloween rolls around.  The plan to release season 3 of The Poet's Haven presents... podcast series in October has been put on hold while this is worked out.

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