October 2, 2010

True story.

Starting with last night's First Friday Poetry Spectacular, we have changed the order of things so that the open-mic now starts first.  It is about 8:00, and a kid (I'll be nice and won't identify him here) arrives and walks up to me.

"I was here earlier, but didn't see the list.  Can I still go?"

"When were you here?"

"That guy was still going."

"What guy?"

"The headliner guy."

"You mean the featured poet?"

"Yeah, he was still reading when I got here earlier."

"Hmmm. That's strange.  'Cause he hasn't read yet."


"Yeah, we changed the order.  The open-mic starts first now."

"Oh, well, I guess I wasn't here then..."

"You can still sign up for the slam, the list is over by the sign."

He walks over to put his name on the list for the slam, and I duck back stage so nobody sees me cracking up laughing.

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