December 26, 2008

FLASHBACK: April 2000 - Issue Zero Debut in Pittsburgh

It's FLASHBACK time!  A photo on the MySpace page of an upcoming Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven featured poet made me think of one of these pictures, so I decided to repost them.  (I'll be announcing the featured poets soon.)

The time: April 28, 29, and 30, 2000.  The Poet's Haven Digest Issue Zero made its debut at the Pittsburgh Comicon and small press expo.  I was excited upon arriving there, as my table was only 30 feet away from fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell!  Unfortunately, their line turned the wrong direction and did not pass my table.  My table was across from the Hooters Girls (there is a Hooters restaurant just down the road from the Monroeville Expomart convention center), which did not draw the people whose attention I was trying to grab.  LOL

Ryo-Oh-Ki helped hand out Poet's Haven business cards.

Stormtrooper TK725 perused Issue Zero to make sure none of the content would offend the Emperor.

Hmmm...  Is the approval of a HellSpawn a good thing?

Mercenary Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool

Avenger Hawkeye, now deceased, errr, resurrected as Ronin... Oye, comics...

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury

Tuxedo Mask

Tomb Raider Laura Croft

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