September 20, 2008

I just secured two Saturday Night With The Poet's Haven bookings at Lake Anna After Dark in Barberton, OH!!!  The Poet's Haven will be taking over the "time slot" of this club's monthly poetry nights on October 18 and November 15.  (The regular event coordinator and emcee is taking time off to have a baby.)  Both these shows will have 7:00 PM start-times and be .  I'll post fliers and announce featured poets/performers as soon as I get them scheduled.

These fill the calendar of dates I wanted to book for the remainder of 2008!  (There is a slim possibility of one more show, but booking the October 18 date fills the "late October" spot I was trying to finalize.  If the café I was trying to book a show at does call me back, I may still offer them 10/25, but I'll more likely push them into 2009.)

FYI:  October 18 is "Sweetest Day."  This means we have open-mics on both Sweetest Day (at After Dark) and Valentine's Day (at the Phoenix Café in South Euclid)!

Stay tuned, space cowboys!


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  1. AARGH!!!

    Due to the unexpected closing of the After Dark night club, the above mentioned events have been CANCELED. New events will be posted soon to take their place on the calendar.